Screen Printing
No Guff Studio works with artists, illustrators, and designers to execute their creative vision. We print your limited-edition art piece, business promotion, collectible gig poster, or design and decor for retail sale. All work is performed by hand using non-toxic water based ink.
Products made using the Screen Printing process have a distinct aesthetic. The combination of rich colours and soft finishes entices the senses. Screen Printing ink can be many degrees of brilliance, transparency, or metallic, offering diverse options.
Time and care is required for each step of setting up a Screen Print run. The utmost control and creativity are applied from preparing artwork and stencils, to mixing each ink colour.  
The flexibility of Screen Printing allows unlimited choices of paper colour and thickness. Materials such as cardboard, wood, metal, or acrylic, including unusual shapes and sizes can also be Screen Printed.
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Screen Printing Rates
See basic rates below. Click each table to enlarge.

The following additional charges may apply:
- Custom ink colour ($5 per ink)
- Pre-production setup & proof ($15 per colour)
- Pure cotton, coloured, or extra heavyweight paper stock.

Please inquire to receive a quote for your custom project.
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